Monday, October 25, 2010

wes anderson love

Anyone who knows me knows my love of all things Wes Anderson. Starting this weekend, Lopo Gallery on Polk here in San Francisco has this exhibit, and I couldn't be more excited. Over 60 artists will be represented, all putting forth their Anderson-inspired works. Go and see it if you can!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

new home love

After searching for almost two months, and vacillating between buying and renting, Jared and I finally signed a lease last night for our new place. Yay! I'm so, so excited to be moving for lots of reasons, but reason numero uno is the fact that we have a second bedroom. San Francisco peeps can attest that it's not an easy thing to find and afford in this city, so I'm feeling pretty grateful right about now. The second bedroom is going to serve a few purposes: an office for Jared, since he works from home quite a bit, a guest bedroom (achieved by popping a futon in there) and a sewing/craft space for me, about which I am stoked. I've long since grown accustomed to sewing and making things wherever I can find the room, both in our current apartment and in my last place (which was a tiny studio), so it's going to be kind of amazing to have a dedicated space for such things. In any case, lots of my current brain energy is being consumed by thoughts of packing and moving and decorating, and it's much nicer than stressing about FINDING a place.

In other news, October is being its normal crazy busy self. It's always been my favorite time of year (my birthday and Halloween happen!) and since moving to SF five years ago it's also become the busiest. Hardly Strictly Bluegrass went down last weekend, and this coming weekend is my absolute favorite music festival, Treasure Island. Besides getting to see a ridiculous amount of music (Belle & Sebastian, The National, She & Him, LCD Soundsystem, and Broken Social Scene, JUST TO NAME A FEW. Sheesh), it's a great space, the weather usually cooperates and there's a ferris wheel! The following weekend I'm camping in Big Sur for both my birthday and several other October birthday friends. And oh right, I need to pack and move in the midst of all of this fun. Wish me luck. :)