Sunday, September 19, 2010

creativity love

I've always been creative out of convenience and necessity. For example, I probably wouldn't decide to make a peach pie, take inventory of my cabinets, go to the store to pick up any missing ingredients and then come home to bake. I would, however, wander into the kitchen at midnight, see that I seem to have what I need to throw together something....chocolatey? Something with fruit? Cake? And then I'd proceed to review my fridge and cabinets until I figured out something that I had all of the ingredients for and that also, you know, sounded good. Likewise, I have a stack of things in my "project pile" that likely won't get tackled until a) I happen to come across, by chance, the exact missing item that is needed to finish said project or b) I absolutely need to finish said project by a certain time.

I used to fight this part of myself. I had this vague picture of being super organization girl, with a perfectly stocked pantry, the exact tools I needed to bake well, a million different fabrics stacked neatly in their place (in my colossal craft room, of course) and my ideas stored in some tidy fashion, waiting to be executed in good time. I'm sure this person exists somewhere, but it's not me. I've slowly started to figure out that creating something out of what you have in front of you can be super rewarding. It's challenging, especially when I'm working in the kitchen, and I like those moments spent cruising my shelves and my brain, adding and subtracting, weighing my choices. I like digging through my bags of crafty things and waiting to be inspired by one thing or another.

I figured some of this stuff out when I recently spent a month in rural Alaska. I learned to "make do", as my momma likes to say, and making do isn't a bad gig when you have rhubarb and raspberries and blueberries growing a stone's throw from your back door, and a kind neighbor with a garden to die for a half a mile away. One of my first nights there I gathered some wild rhubarb and some raspberries to make a cobbler. Not finding any baking dishes of any kind in the kitchen, I ended up popping it into a cast iron skillet. Necessity, meet delicious.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

apartment love

Jared and I have started looking for a new place to call home. I moved into his place about six months ago and we've never done a proper merge, so we have far too many things cluttering a fairly small space. Not to mention that we're not super thrilled about our 'hood. It tends to be pretty foggy in this part of the city, and it can be a bummer to look out to colorless skies nine times out of ten. In any case, we've come close a few times to landing our dream apartment, but competition is fierce these days. So while we're still on the hunt, I manage to spend lots and lots of time drooling over other people's homes on the internet (all of today's images come from design*sponge) and tucking away certain images that may work in an SF apartment.

Friday, September 17, 2010

crayon love

Luxirare is one of my favorite sites to visit. Is he an inventor? A foodie? I can’t say, but his photographs are gorgeous and his dedication to letting his ideas play out in real life (see those crayons up there? they’re EDIBLE) is enviable.

woodland creature love

At last Spring’s Maker Faire I bought a few little buttons from Berkley Illustration. There is something about his drawings of woodland creatures dressed up, some in costume and some looking like they intentionally had dressed for a formal portrait, that make me insanely happy. The meerkat above is my favorite, and even though we haven’t yet moved (more on the great apartment hunt soon) I bought a print for my new yet-to-be-determined living room. Take a peek at Ryan Berkley’s stuff here.

cupcake love

I baked these little cupcakes the other night, and they reflect my current obsession with yellow. Why is yellow so delicious?